Sunday, 15 April 2018

A #NoEstimates blogging backlog

A couple weeks ago I got into a tweetstorm around #NoEstimates. That provided a pile of reading to do, which with other obligations looming I had no time to read. One holiday in Italy later (it was lovely, thanks for asking!) I'm all caught up :)

I originally wanted to write some kind of comprehensive analysis. But it would have been very TL;DR and I might never have finished it anyway. So in the spirit of story-slicing, here's my #NoEstimates blogging backlog:

  • On varieties of thought in #NoEstimates
  • Here be ducks - the canards of #NoEstimates
  • Some challenges for #NoEstimates
  • What is #NoEstimates really trying to solve?
  • #NoEstimates strengths and weaknesses

Being a backlog, it's full of little pieces of value, and it's likely to change before I get to the bottom.

Where do I stand on all this?

I came to #NoEstimates a couple of years back, hoping for something interesting and provocative to learn. I've agreed and disagreed on various points with both its proponents and detractors.

Over the last couple days' reading, my own thinking has evolved. There's definitely value there, including ideas to help shape my new project. That said, I haven't bought the idea that we should avoid estimates wholesale.


Here's that reading list. Please point me towards anything else I should be looking at.

Woody Zuill

Woody is a major #NoEstimates proponent. These are the blog entries currently on his Beyond Estimates index:

Ryan Ripley

Ryan is another proponent, who I'd not come across before.

Peter Kretzman

Peter is a critic of #NoEstimates. This is his commentary on Ryan's talk above and on the debate as a whole.

Update. Peter has pointed me to some more posts of his:

Dan North

Dan isn't particularly an advocate or an opponent, though clearly he uses estimation in his practice. He's been recognised as an Agile thought leader for as long as I've simply been trying to be a Scrum Master.

Glen Alleman

Glen has long been an outspoken critic of #NoEstimates.

Update. Glen has pointed me to an aggregation of his posts on #NoEstimates. I've certainly read some of these before, but there's a lot there and I'm afraid I've not made a comprehensive review this time around.

Glen's also clarified that there's no Part 2 to the book review. However he does have some further commentary that he'll be making available.

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