Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pair-PM part 2

It's almost a month since blogged about Pair-PM, and promised to report back on how it went. So...

Our PM community was really enthused by the idea, and about a dozen signed up to the session. Then one by one they cancelled (mostly for annual appraisals) until there were 4 of us left.  Well that’s enough for 2 pairs!

I had a great chat with A - we worked through some difficulties on both of our projects. I had worries that I simply hadn’t vocalised before, and just talking about them made the answers pretty obvious. A had some concerns about collaboration with a colleague, and we discussed ways to work through those. It was great just to have a chat with another practitioner - I'm in a tech-light corner of the organisation and from that one conversation I felt more plugged-in to a community of practice than I’ve felt in a while. For me, the session was everything I’d hoped, and I think the others all found it equally positive.

Everyone remains really enthusiastic about the idea, and I've booked another session in a couple of weeks - just before the Olympics. Well some folks might drop out. No matter - I'm making it a regular opportunity to connect with my colleagues and become better at what I do. ANyone who wants to take part is welcome!


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